Founders Mr Cheah Leang Tee and Madam Huan Ah Hua began trading in fresh seafood in Central Market, Kuala Lumpur. Customers would come by, make their orders and collect.

Piau Kee Partnership was established. The entire Cheah family worked hard to make it one of the fastest growing enterprises in town. Piau Kee began delivering to customers such as restaurants, hotels and hawker stalls.

Piau Kee moved to a new facility with modern cold-room, warehousing and blast freezer to maintain the freshness and quality.

Piau Kee Holdings Sdn Bhd was incorporated to run the import, export and distribution of all kinds of seafood, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.

Modern freezing technology was gaining a reputation for producing quality seafood. Piau Kee started supplying seafood to various well-known 5-star hotels, fast food chains and airline caterers. As the demand for frozen food increased, Piau Kee increased storage capacity to 1000 metric tones to cope.

Piau Kee moved to a new premise to fulfill tremendous market demands for quality frozen food.
Soon, it was expanded to an even bigger land area (from 1 acre to 2.0 acres) to fulfill an ever-increasing demand. To consolidate, Piau Kee Holdings Sdn Bhd increased their paid-out capital by diversifying into new businesses, forming Piau Kee Group Of Companies:
• Piau Kee Live & Frozen Seafoods Sdn Bhd
Simultaneously, Piau Kee ventured into restaurant investments.

Corporate commitments of hygiene and safety are reflected through certification of HALAL (2004), ISO 9001:2000 for Quality Management System and HACCP (2006). This subsequently allowed Piau Kee to venture into stringent markets such as Europe.
Piau Kee’s expansion ambitions took another leap with the formation of Piau Kee Seafood Retails Sdn Bhd. (2005) & Green Master Global Fine Food S/B (2006). Existing corporate office was extended, with the construction of 2 additional lots (Lot 5 & 7) completed in 2006 to reflect progressiveness. Meanwhile, staff number increased to over 100.

New value-added retail packs are readily available in supermarkets and shopping malls.
Following that, Piau Kee introduced strawberry jam in jars and various food dressing in portion packs, to be supplied to airline caterers and food services.
Establishment of new kitchen fully furnished with modern equipment & fittings to fulfill market needs through R & D. ‘Green Master’ and ‘PK FROZ’ brands created for frozen vegetables and frozen seafood segments respectively.