a-responsible-culture Standard of Conduct
The Piau Kee Standard of Conduct outlines principles for conduct in all our business decisions and actions. These Standards were set to ensure Piau Kee’s continued social significance and value as a corporation.

We believe that the ultimate value of a corporation lies in its service to the community. Understanding this, Piau Kee is an ardent supporter of various social causes. Through participation in social outreach programmes, focusing on environmental preservation and health awareness, we aim to empower and educate. 

Our commitment to quality goes beyond products and services. It is a deep-rooted culture that manifests at the core of the Piau Kee vision. Every step of the business is taken with focal consideration of value provision.

We are committed to providing a workplace that promotes the health, safety and well-being of internal and external visitors. Our safety programme is implemented through management leadership and commitment, employee involvement, work site analysis and safety training.