our-facilities-growth Our Facilities

  • A Blast Freezer unit with the capacity of freezing 2,000 kilos per hour
  • A Processing Hall maintained at 12°C to ensure freshness is secured during processing and shelf life extended
  • 2 cold rooms, with a capacity of 2,000 metric tonnes, maintained at a constant -18°C and below
  • Modern refrigerated trucks are used for frozen food delivery maintained at a constant temperature so quality is not compromised during delivery

Our Growth
Looking ahead, the bustling economy holds tremendous potential for similar strong growth trend in the live and frozen seafood segment.
Overall, Piau Kee has invested over RM 12 million (USD 3.2 million) to set up one of the country’s leading seafood processing factories. An additional RM 6.7 million (USD 1.8 million) has been invested to acquire new machinery, equipment, cold room and IT system to further modernize processes and systems. These investments have improved operational efficiency, allowing consistent supply of top-grade fresh produce at competitive prices.


Our Future Direction
Looking forward, we will continue to seek strategic opportunities for our core business and activities. This also means a continued investment of resources and money to improve our human capital, production process and product quality. We aim to preserve our competitiveness while carefully expanding our business to adjacent markets. In view of the stable growth and potential in the ASEAN region, we plan to extend the reach of our products by establishing distribution networks and retail chains in major ASEAN cities to become its biggest and most renowned seafood distributor.