Quality Products, Quality Practices

A fundamental trait of Piau Kee is our eye for quality, in all aspects ranging from sourcing, manufacturing to distribution. Much has been invested to ensure a high standard of hygiene in food handling and quality. Micro-biological tests are conducted on every batch to make sure food is fresh and safe for consumption. A Quality Control team monitors the entire quality chain through stringent checks daily. This ensures Piau Kee’s compliance with international standards as set by FDA, GMP, HACCP and Malaysian Standards as imposed by SIRIM and the Ministry of Health.

Production and warehouse staff undergo regular training and refresher course on subjects of Hygiene, Safety, Quality, Standards of Food Act implemented by the Ministry of Health and other updates governing food handling. Similar to the original vision of Piau Kee, only the freshest certified produce makes the grade. Why this painstaking practice? Because we believe not just in profiting, but providing communal wellness through our products.


Achieve customer satisfaction, applicable statutory & regulatory requirements and continuous improvement through implementation of Quality Management System