Mr. Cheah LT


The founder of Piau Kee, Cheah experienced first-hand the rigorous demands of the seafood supply industry when he worked as a fisherman during his teenage years. The years spent in rough seas honed his eye for quality and freshness in seafood. It was then natural that after the prompting from a friend, Cheah ventured into seafood trading. Though encountering numerous initial obstacles, he persevered and started discerning value-based service and delivery which customers sought. This winning mindset eventually set the foundation for the Piau Kee corporate culture in years to come.

Mr. Alan Cheah

Managing Director

An unparalleled industry expert, boasting more than 30 years of experience. Years of working closely with some of the industry’s top names have qualified him as a prolific expert in seafood retail. Widely renowned as one of the shrewdest and most astute business minds in the industry, he is bestowed with the knack for expanding simple businesses into profit-making ventures. A quintessential guardian of the brand, Alan continuously ensures Piau Kee’s values and heritage is upheld through strategic business vision and long-term growth.

Dato’ Frankie Cheah

Executive Director

Gifted with an outstanding mind for innovation, he masterminded Piau Kee’s diversification from trading to manufacturing, and from frozen to processed seafood. He is also widely credited as one of the main driving forces behind Piau Kee’s ascension from a modest Central Market stall into a multi-million seafood industry leader. True to Piau Kee’s dedication to quality, he has led the corporation to numerous accolades such as the esteemed ISO, HACCP and HALAL certifications.