Direct From Source

Piau Kee imports directly from boat owners, farmers and proccessors – from various countries across the globe, such as Canada, India, China, Norway, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand. This direct-from-source practice ensures fresher, better products.

How does this unique supplier relationship Piau Kee shares translate into consumer benefits? First, fewer middle parties means lesser costs involved; thus more cost-efficient deals for customers! Plus, freshness and quality is better maintained as the produce travels direct-from-source to us.

Agriculture-Based Raw Materials

A hallmark of Piau Kee is its sole insistence for agricultural-based raw materials. Worldwide, consumers are increasingly demanding consumption products to be made from quality ingredients, and produced with agricultural best practices. Understanding this, Piau Kee strives to ensure suppliers guarantee wholesome and untainted produce. A stringent list of regulations is routinely updated and enforced on all supplier grounds.

Industrial Audit

Piau Kee deals only with reputable suppliers that ascribe to its strict quality standard. Supplier relationships are benchmarked and evaluated to deliver continuous improvement in quality and service. Piau Kee regularly audits major suppliers, ensuring that they comply with the Piau Kee Supplier Guidelines.