Workforce Excellence

Clearly, our outstanding achievements are built on the company’s history of solid growth, through professional management and dedicated staff. Our extraordinary family of employees, comprised of individuals who represent the best in their fields, contribute to Piau Kee’s distinction. We emphasise greatly on our employees’ roles in upholding quality, trust and ultimately, the business. Staff competence and commitment is constantly supported by relevant education, training and development. This guards our brand standards, ensuring maintenance at all levels.

A Spirit of Service Excellence

Experience shows that good service should never be compromised.Often, unforeseen circumstances compel customers to demand ad-hoc produce. Piau Kee thus maintains ample stock for key accounts on a standby basis, to be delivered immediately when required. We strive to work as a partner with our clients, understanding their customers and needs. This is turn helps us serve them better and contribute to their business, and ours, in the long run.